stone cold

When you walk away from me,
it just seems like yesterday
you've let adversity behind.

But when you look me in the eye,
I should have start to make you cry,
But you never ever mind.

It was never it seemed before,
When you went trough my door.
And all you left behind is me.

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Love you

There's a lady
who's worth to adore.
A beautiful lady
where you want to see more.
A smiling lady
which is melting the core.
A lady where it seems,
it is worth dying for..

Can't you see the truth,
that you always belongs to me.
Can't you see thats you,
who's most important to me.
Can't you feel the groove,
which is let my heart beat.

All i wanna state..

I love you..

Diese Frau gehört zu mir.
Ich stehe schon vor ihrer Tür.
ich klingel an, doch sie macht nicht auf.
Ich raff mich auf und geh nach Haus.

Du gehörst zu mir,
sag mal siehst denn du das nicht?
Du bist wichtig für mich
Sag mal siehst du das denn nicht?
Du lebst in mir,
sag mal fühls du das denn nicht?
Ich sage dir nur eins...

I love you..

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